Choosing My Avatar


The picture I have chosen to represent myself is one of a colorful brain. Half of the brain in this illustration is not very interesting, but still shows a little color. This may indicate untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. The other half of the brain is bursting with color and fresh blooms. I believe the colorful side of the photo shows how with a little nourishment and encouragement, one can be very successful. I really enjoy this photo because I think it reflects me very well. I have a feeling that the majority of this class, including myself, has a lot of untapped potential when is comes to visual writing. With a little “nourishment”, I think we can all flourish in this class. The most difficult part of picking a photo for my avatar was deciding what I wanted to be the center of attention. My first thought was something based on a comic book character or a well-known comic book landscape. After some thought, I decided to go outside of the box and choose something completely unrelated to the subject at hand. I think this photo encompasses how I feel about my future in this class, and sheds light on a different perspective of visual writing.


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