A Simple Reflection

When writing this piece, I found that the words flowed relatively easily. It is much easier to write about yourself than something you have to research. You automatically know what comes next. I started this post with a simple outline, just to organize my thoughts and really get them to flow onto the paper. The most intriguing line in this essay is as follows, “There were a select number of books that had been read to me so many times, I would mouth the words simultaneously with the reader.” It encapsulates my journey as a young reader and shows how enamored I become when given a good story. I find it the best to delete that parts of my outline as I continue writing. It’s almost like this twisted competitive drive I have to get to the finish line, the more I can delete, the closer I am to finishing. I also use the outline as a way to stay on track and keep myself focused. The hardest part with this specific project was keeping in the word parameters. I have always had this issue with writing. I tend to include a lot of small details that most likely do not need to be included in the paper. Editing the paper and cutting out the less important details is probably what I struggle the most with. I find it helpful to have a friend peer edit the paper. It gives the words a fresh set of eyes and someone who was not there during the writing process. In the end, after the peer editing and the cutting, the paper really reflected how I feel about reading and writing.

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One thought on “A Simple Reflection

  1. What do you take away as the controlling idea of the essay?
    Reading played a more important role in your life than writing did. This was because you made reading into an event of sorts by having someone in her family read to you.

    What’s the most interesting point the student makes?
    The fact that reading is an important habit to establish from an early age and to make it something that is fun to do, not a chore.

    What’s one thing that you really wish you had heard more about or a question you had as you read that wasn’t answered?
    I wonder what sorts of books you read in middle school and high school and how that may have contributed to having your passion for books fizzle out. A similar thing happened to me so I am curious to know what books caused it to see if there is some common trait between them.

    What is one thing about your peer’s essay which is similar to the one you wrote? How so?
    Harry Potter played a big role in our interest for reading. It was also very similar in that we both broke down our experiences by age starting with reading at an early age and progressing from there.

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