Visual Note Taking



Taking notes in a visual context was much different than my normal note-taking style. I chose to take notes for my NBB Freshman Seminar. In this class, we were working towards diagnosing a “patient” who had many neurological issues. In the beginning of class, we were given a set of symptoms, the patient’s age, and some environmental factors that could have been pertinent to her problem. From there, we were given more information in increments. I modeled my notes to represent the path of thinking that I had while attempting to diagnose the patient. With the correct information, the whole class was able to correctly diagnose the patient with Multiple Sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease that causes lesions on the brain and neurological issues. I think taking notes in a visual context really helped me to view the process of elimination that healthcare providers use to make hypotheses about what is wrong with their patients. I tend to think very analytically, and I believe my notes reflect this aspect very well. I don’t know that I would take notes like this in the future, as I don’t think I retained as much information or went into as much detail as I normally would.


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