2/22/18 Quotes in Class

The Hillary Chute quote “Comics, in fact, is a medium that involves a substantial degree of reader participation to stitch together narrative meaning” really applies to this chapter of Maus. Reading this chapter gave us an insight of Artie’s life after his father died and how he continued writing the book. The stretch of time right after the passing of his father was rough for Artie, as he was being flooded with book deals and movie prospectors and the whole gamut of Hollywood big wigs trying to get the “Next Big Thing”. Artie seemed depressed and anxious during this time, as he was soon to be a father himself. However, his own father’s shadow lingered over him making him seem almost guilty or remorseful. Artie’s portrayal of himself in the novel also shrinks, his mouse representation gets physically smaller and he mentions he does not want to be a grown up anymore. All of these factors really require a lot from the reader to correctly interpret what is going on. We are required to piece together all of Artie’s thoughts and feelings to really get the whole picture of what is happening to him emotionally. When Artie goes to see Pavel, we learn that the reason Artie feels guilty is because he doesn’t want to be more successful than his father. He believes that living through Auschwitz was the epitome of “success” and doesn’t want to overshadow his father’s accomplishments. In a dark and twisty world this mindset makes sense.


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